RYLTI Success

Use Case I: Publisher Underpayments

RYLTI was engaged to perform audit support for a Publishing Administrator. The issue: underpayments spanning years due to high volume data issues. RYLTI processed 3 years of publishing accounting data from a label group. The dataset and issues were so big and diverse that the audit could not be scoped and sat idle for 18 months until RYLTI platform was tried. RYLTI’s platform identified and matched missing, concatenated, poorly entered, and mismatched data. RYLTI Increased the claim by a factor of 10X.

Use Case II: Complex Data

For a music publisher, RYLTI analyzed 3 years of sales data and royalty calculations for 392 songs from 54 sales channels, including all major DSPs, for up to 26 accounts per sale or streaming event. Using a neural architecture, RYLTI modeled the complex relationships between song titles, sales channels, and royalty accounts, and identified significant discrepancies. Seven of the 54 channels yielded 98% and most were major DSPs.

Use Case III: Dirty Data

RYLTI analyzed five years of sales and royalty data for an international artist from various channels and intermediaries. Key information for matching sales to royalties was presented inconsistently across sales and royalty files (truncated, prefix added, unusual characters). RYLTI applied its platform to identify and match key substrings in the product ID. There was more than a 95.4% matching rate on the first pass.