Discover how RYLTI technology can power your platform with extraordinary new capabilities to tackle complex music industry data challenges

Music Industry Solutions

Music Publishers

  • Maximize monthly collections
  • Collect all U.S. mechanical and “Black Box” income
  • Support Audits
  • Project future income
  • Value catalogues
  • Match foreign income


  • Optimize distributions
  • Analyze massive data sets
  • Support Audits
  • Compare income distribution files against works files
  • Clean dirty data sets
  • Process multiple data sets simultaneously

Artists and Songwriters

  • Find missing income
  • Support Audits
  • Ensure correct payments on a continuing basis
  • Project future income

Unlock 'Black Box' & Continuing Income

With complete access to MLC data, RYLTI finds historical unmatched money with unprecedented speed and accuracy to maximize "black box" income and power more accurate monthly distributions on a continuing basis.

Track activity with customized MLC Data Dashboard

Identify historic unmatched income with unprecedented speed and accuracy

Repair and match MLC catalog metadata to unclaimed shares data

Pinpoint content gaps, and repair unclaimed shares data dumps

Enable periodic automated audits

Compare DSP statements to client works data

Provide overview stats and links to the data